Rebekah Wright

Sci-Fi Alien Romance


Galen is a shape shifting alien warrior I can’t hate like the others....

He has a hold on me. Electricity rushing through my body when he’s near

Our eyes lock and every intimate sensation awakens.

I can fight off alien attackers using my powers.

But not Galen. I can’t use my powers against him.

He doesn’t want to colonize the Earth……He wants to colonize me.

And my body wants to let him.

I knew his clan took captives.

What I didn’t know was who his next captive would be…

Trapped alone with him on his ship, anger isn’t all I feel...

If Galen obeys orders, I’ll end up dead or enslaved.

But I’m drawn to my rugged alien captor.

I want to resist feelings for him but Galen is the first invader I can’t overcome.

When a prophecy reveals the truth about us, my freedom and the fate of my clan may depend on what we least expected….